Monday, April 2, 2012

{Guest Post} Preethi Prabhu of IndyaKaleidoscope

Doing a guest post was an impulsive decision, the best way to show my appreciation towards the crafters community is by sharing it on a crafters blog. 

I must admit in spite of blogging for a few years now, this is the first guest post i have ever done, so it could be a rough ride, so put on your seat belts:) In this post you will read a little about myself and the work I do( seriously, trying to make it as little as possible) how I am influenced by the crafters community  and a small
crafty project that i am proud of.

Now, to introduce myself, I am Preethi Prabhu, a blogger, interior decorator and a lover of all things handmade. The journey in the past three decades of my life has been anything but boring. From being born in a middle class Brahmin family, being a shy and reserved kid in school and a fairly popular girl in college(not for the wrong reasons, no :) ). From an ugly duckling to a very confident individual, the dressing up, late night parties, pyjama parties with girl friends, crazy shopping trips, weekend getaways to jungle resorts, i have done it all. I believe "Life is to Live", enjoy every bit and don't do things you know you will regret later on. No "its complicated" thingsfor me :).

While I am not doing any of the things I mentioned earlier, I am busy trying to run an organisation called IndyaKaleidoscope ( that is for about 18 hours a day :) ) Indyakaleidoscope(Ik) was born as a result of my love for Indian handicrafts, the knowledge hidden in the ancient techniques, the history behind every art form and the traditions that bind it together. The organisation is about 8 months old and the handicraft n heritage store is about 3 months old. I call it an organisation because apart from the retail section, we also hope to
work on different tangents related to Indian handicrafts.

I have been associated with Bangalore Craft Lovers club for quite sometime now and I am amazed at the kind of dedication the crafters put into each of their creations. I honestly believe, it's not just creativity but a lot of hard work that goes into crafting something from scratch. It all started with a meeting with Kashmira Kittur of
Kala Koyree. I was awed at her creations and how beautifully she coordinated colours and Patterns to create a master piece. Now I had a new admiration for non-traditional crafters. And it only grew when I met other crafters, Maitreyi Satish of M art, Antara and Namratha of Enthu cutlets, Anumeha of Prishth, Anu of Artisense, Anushree or Karaashilp and many more. I knew that this new found love won't stop here and had to be taken to the next level. And the answer was at IK, how do decorate the place that already has tons of beautiful handicrafts? Well, as I write now, our lovely crafters are using their magic wands and creating master pieces to decorate the Ik office. Its still work in progress, and I promised Swathi that once its done i will share it right here :)

I am not much of a crafter myself, the little time I get for myself, I prefer reading. But there are some of those rare moments which triggers my crafty side (if I have one). Here was one. I regularly scout for old furniture and during one of my trips, I found this really ugly side table. The owner of the store told me it had been lying around for more than a year and no one wanted it. I noticed it had a nice teak wood frame but the ugly top was too prominent. I decided to give it a makeover. 

This is what I used : 

Sand paper (to sand the frame) 4 orange tiles
Glass pebbles (the ones that are flat on one side)
Araldite (to stick the tiles n glass beads)
Tile mate (to fill the gaps)
And varnish

 And tadaaaa.... I had a new, gorgeous side table ;)

That's all ranting for today :) thank you Swathi for honouring my impulsive decision of writing a post and trusting me with it. And thank you readers of My Dream Space for putting up with a non writer :) I hope you enjoyed the post as much as i enjoyed putting it together.

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Thank you

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