Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yog-Art By M-art !!!!

Wondering what this title is all about. Well Yog-Art means Yoga and Art. Yes !!! You heard that right....
Maitreyi Satish of M-art ,Bangalore is conducting workshops for kids with a unique blend of Yoga,Story Telling and Craft.

This is what Maitreyi has to say about M-art and their work.

M-Art journey began in Feb 2011 as its Core Vision to work with Children to help them explore their creativity in an Non-Academic environment.

M-Art currently offers - Continuous program for children during weekdays, Story Telling Sessions fortnightly & Organizes Camp during Summer & Winter holidays. 
Yog-Art ( Fun every 30 minutes)

This program is designed to work on basic fitness, Children to work on creativity as they build characters from the story to do a craft at the end of session. Craft activity helps them to work independently while this becomes their personal asset as they carry home with them to Gift their parents,Grandparents or friends. This also over a period of time builds confidence for them to work on school projects.
  • 90 Minute program - with 30 Minutes of Yoga,Story Telling & Craft
  • Age group  3 to 10 years
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Story telling workshop for children ( Once a month - 90 minute)

M-Art conducts this workshop at their studio or at Partner activity centre - planned during 2nd or 3rd Saturdays during the month. The session is conducted for a max of 15 children.The children listen to a story and also learn to emote. Children during end of session are asked to talk about the characters of the story, Moral of the story and also share it again with their friends.M-Art also combines this with a 30 minute Craft session an interesting craft which goes with the story.
Adult workshops - Art & Craft ( Demand basis)

M-Art is also equipped to offer Adult workshop session on Art & Craft. We conduct this session in groups between 5 to 10 . The workshops are for a max of 6 hours with a break. The sessions focus on getting the basics right and are a  great stress buster. Our clients re-discover themselves during the workshop. 

M-Art takes up projects like wall murals, gifting ideas- quilled jewelry, hand made cards, fridge magnets, hangings beads and mirror etc, head gears and stage decor for theater productions.
M-Art offers summer camps which also have a Noon camps with a Variety of Themes every week.There are flexible options for Children to participate to choose from 1 to 4 week options.
We also offer summer-camps at Partner centres which usually happens during Morning sessions.
Following are some of M-art's designs and snap shots from their workshops :

Do get in touch with Maithreyi for further details

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