Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teach Me Tuesday :Picking and Stacking

Are you kids fascinated by pots and pan???Mine is !!!

No matter how many toys you give him to play with, he always ends up in the kitchen, playing with all the pots and pans. Since ours is a rented accommodation we can not do much to our kitchen. The cupboard that holds the utensils is so accessible for him, that he simply opens and doors ajar and starts pulling all the pots and pan down. Ransacks the whole cupboard and finally picks up one that is handy and is easy for him play with,often a small bowl or a lid. It has to make a good sound and must be convenient enough to lick too !! LOL too many requirements.

As long as I am in the kitchen he will sit there and play with all the utensils.... and doesn't seem to get bored of it too. I was observing him keenly yesterday and tried to weave a small activity for him. This seemed to work well.

I got a tin with a loosely fitted lid, mostly used as serving bowl. I just put the lid upside down on the floor and asked him to pick it up. It does not have any handle so he just cant pick it up easily. he spent almost half an hour to pick it and finally figured a way.

I was amazed at how he learnt to pick it up.... he simply pushed it against the wall and slid his little finger under and and Voila it did turn over.  Now for the second part, he brought that lid and slowly placed it on the vessel and was so excited that he could complete the task. He started pulling me there and show me his achievement

I too was really happy and equally stunned at the outcome. I guess this is what open ended learning is all about, leave it for the child to explore and let him come up with a solution that he feels is correct.

I couldn't click may pics of this activity ,as i was cooking, but managed to take this one:
Do try this activity with your lo's and let me know how much they enjoyed.

Also, I have birthday themed activity sheet to share:

PS: I got a couple requests for customized activity sheets and flash cards. In case you are interested in customizing for you child's needs or party, please feel free to contact me,I will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. the activity sheet is lovely!! :-) and so is your little one there..