Monday, February 6, 2012

{Guest Post} Shruti from Mindful Meanderings

Thank you Sree Swathi  for inviting me to your blog ..

Hello Everyone, 

I'm Shruti Bhat, a software professional by day and an avid crafter by night. I blog over at Mindful Meanderings where I write about my family, our travel tales and all the crafty stuff I make.  I stay at Bangalore with My Husband and my 5 year old daughter - Lil P. 

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I love using Charcoal and Acrylics on canvas.. here are some of my very amateurish attempts..

But ever since my daughter was born, I  love making lot of crafts with her
We make cards get our hands dirty, use stuff lying around the house  - make a potato stamp , sometimes we  paint a stone from your backyard and make it fun.

Some of  my personal favourites  from my blog are
Lil P’s painting of us as a family for its sentimental value.. then the rainbow fish &thumbprint aquarium remains to be a family’s favorite.. I also love the Madhubani bookmarks & sock gnome key chains that I made for friends.

Blogging has helped me evolve as a person .

I  have definitely become more patient and my planning skills have improved a lot. As a mom, this blog has improved my relationship with my daughter. We have so much fun crafting together and creating our masterpieces. I also love the creative ideas that fellow mommy bloggers come up with. Its like an extended family :)

When it comes to my blog,  we have three challenges running...

We have the monthly Artsy-Craftsy that focuses on a theme – Last month’s theme was Create your own Van Gogh. The focus is to introduce children to the famous artists of the world.  The Yummy Tummy series features food stories and user submitted kiddie recipes every Wednesday & then the BookWorm Fridays  where we review a set of Childrens books every Friday.  I'm very excited about this and hope that you all will drop by at my blog  or FB page and come be a part of the Mindful Meanderings family.  

I hope you all enjoyed reading Shruti's Post, please do visit her blog and show some love.

PS: Friends,I have some news to share. This happens to be my 50th post. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I have more interesting posts coming up, so keep visiting this space more often.

Thanks a bunch,


  1. Happy 50th Swathi :)
    Wish you many many more

  2. Happy 50th post and lovely write up by Shruthi!!!
    I should push myself to do more craft activities with my son too and blog them too..Thanks for the inspiration Shruthi and Swati!

  3. Congratulations for 50th and this post is so inspiring and lovelyyy..Wishing to see so many crafty and creative posts on this splendid blog

  4. Oh.. awesome!! Well done on the 50th post.. Shruthi's blog is impressive.. and I follow her ardently..