Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teach Me Tuesday : Colours

This week I designed a fun printable for learning colours.

 Kaustubh loves to identify colours. He can identify red, and keeps pointing to every thing and ask "Idi red aa??" meaning "Is this red???" LOL..

These are also flash cards that can be printed on heavy card stock .... you can even choose to laminate them to increase their longevity.

Another variation of this with some fun shapes:

PS: Have you noticed the changes in my blog's layout??? I did that design too.

As always, do show your love.



  1. Perfect way to teach kids very innovative :)

  2. This is the colourful way to teach colours dear.

  3. brill idea!! I will try with lil girl too :)

  4. You've got a lovely blog... I'm following you now!! Can't wait to be inspired!! :)