Monday, January 30, 2012

{Guest Post} Varada Sharma

When Swathi asked me whether I would be interested in writing a guest post for her blog, I was thrilled, to say the very least. 

I've written guest posts on other blogs before, but this post would be special. It would be about me. Me connecting with all you talented readers of SwathiCrafts. Me making new friends. What a great opportunity! 

Thanks a whole bunch Swathi for this!

So you must be wondering, who is Varada Sharma?

Well, I am a small town girl who hails from Goa. Married to a loving husband. Mother to two little princesses, aged 6 and 2. Living in Noida.

I’ve been a software industry worker for over 13 years now. I like technical problem solving and it makes my job interesting. But over the years I’d started to feel a kind of emptiness in me. In spite of getting accolades for my 9-6 work, I was not satisfied *inside*. This led me to pursue writing, sketching etc. Slowly I diversified and moved on to jewellery first and then on to paper crafts.

I also wanted to share my creations with the world. Learn from others. Experiment. Give joy to someone with something that I can make. That thought led me to blogging. One thing led to another and was born.

It’s my little home in blogosphere. A place where I love to have friends over. Exchanging creative ideas. Celebrating each other’s successes. Being there in each other’s struggles, provide support when it is needed. Or generally have fun.

I believe all women are beautiful. God made us that way. We often play myriad roles through out our day. Being a professional. Being a wife. A mom. Yet inside us is this tiny voice which prompts us to reach out to beauty in our own ways. Someone might love to cook – they can bring people’s taste buds alive with their creations. Some sew. They turn bits and pieces of cloth into wearable art. Some use paper as a medium of their expression. Some choose wires and beads. But each of us is seeking beauty and the pleasure of creating it. is my humble effort to seek ways of creating beauty. I have been fortunate in terms of meeting people who appreciate and encourage my creative ideas. Till now mostly I’ve created stuff for giving as gifts. But in 2012 me and some of my kind friends are getting together to set shop so that anyone can take advantage of our creations to make their life beautiful.

Meanwhile if you like what you see on or need help creating something personalized, you can always drop me a mail at Varada[dot]Sharma[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll be happy to help!
Finally, as a special thanks from my side to all you readers and of course to Swathi, I would like to share these printables here. Feel free to download, print and frame. Hope you like them. :)

Looks like this when framed:


Thanks so much for taking time to read. May God bless you.


Thank you so much for your post Varada . Friends please visit  and Show your love.

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