Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Crafty Wedding Invite + Giveaway Alert

Hey  blogger pal Shruti's Valentines' bookmarks , reminded me about my own Wedding Invite.
I got married on 1st July,2007. Me and my husband wanted a simple invite with a personal touch.  The first person whom we thought of was my cousin who is a great artist and works as a chief for an Animation company :-) . He obliged our request and asked for our requirements. Well I had only one thing in mind the Sindoor line drawn in ICICI  Prudential Ad. Do you remember that ???

I just wanted him to use that line some where on the card and This is what he came up with

To add a personal touch to the invite, we stamped the heart with both of our thumb prints !!!

Please excuse the poor picture quality, I never had a good cam in those days, shot with my mobile.

Hope you liked our Invite Clean and Simple :-).Thanks so much Shruti for bringing back those memories..

Hey,Shruti is also hosting a Giveaway on the event of getting 200 likes for her FB page MindfulMeanderings

So, please enter your details in the app for participating in the contest. Visit MindfulMeandrings for more details.



  1. That's an awesome idea for a wedding card :) and thanks for blogging abt the giveaway too

  2. Swathi, the thumb impressions forming the heart is a superb how you said it gives a personal touch thoroughly :)

  3. So sweet and 100% personal. Love the idea.

  4. The thumbprint touch is ingenious-- I love that the most!