Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Early Childhood Education :Alphabets !!!

Wondering what teaching has to do with this blog??? well am not deviating away from this blog's interest :-) .

My son will not start school any time soon, but I believe that he has the ability to learn new things. I want him to have an open ended learning process and not a result oriented one. I always try and teach him what ever is possible for his age. Most of the time he will not respond to,or do or say what he wants,but with repeated efforts I was able to again his attention.

After the first few trails I found this process of teaching to be very interesting. I mean, creating an environment that sparks curiosity in a child and helps him to explore and learn. The very idea sounded fascinating. How many schools today create one such environment for the kids( Well I am not an expert , but just trying to vent out  ).

I decided to make some fun tools for my son to play with and eventually to learn while he plays. 

Here is the first set of flash cards that I made for Kaustubh.

Please bear with my amateur designing . I just googled for some attractive images and created these cards in  Photoshop.. Initially he wasn't interested but after a few minutes, he started to hold them and observe. Now after 3 days, he is able to identify the apple and the cat. He can even make a sound similar to that of a cat. I love the way he makes a funny sound ""Eee Eee" well that's how the cat home meows...LOL

To keep me focused on making these tools I decide to do a weekly feature on my blog. Starting from today every Tuesday I will share a new learning tool/craft /activity that I made or did at home.

I am open for suggestions from experienced moms who already do this activity with their kids. Your suggestions helps me to create a fun learning experience for my son

PS: Did you notice the change in my blogs look?? Just trying to hone my designing skills :-)



  1. Dear Swathi how old is your son? Many schools nowadays follow the phonic system . My daughter is attending one such school and for the first one year it was not a, b, c but Aa Baa, Ka, Da .. and we were very careful not to confuse her with the conventional ABC . In fact I used to find it confusing as this was not the system we had studied.

  2. Thats lovely... very cute.. Yes.. my kids learnt phonics too.. at first I thought it wasnt a very good way to start the alphabets.. but then I figured.. it made reading so much easier.. :-)