Monday, December 12, 2011

{Guest Post} Scrapbooks from India

Hello All,

Welcome to this week's Guest Post feature.

Today's post is by Anupama Choudary,a well known scrapbook enthusiast and mixed media artist from Hyderabad.

Over to Anu...

Hi, I am Anupama Choudary and I am honoured to be a Guest Blogger for Swathi.
Welcome to the world of Contemporary Scrapbooking - My Passion!
I discovered creative scrapbooking in 2009 and it has changed my life, opening up a new world of possibilities. I continue to learn, experiment and grow as a mixed-media artist day by day. I am so pleased to have you join me on this journey.

A Scrapbook is MAGIC. It captures and cradles life's most precious moments through photographs, memorabilia and journaling,
Why do I Scrap?
  • To Document Family History
  • To Tell the Story behind each Photograph
  • To Gift a loved one a much cherished Album
  • To Live to Create. To Create to Live!

This is my latest work of art.

For details, close-ups and my earlier layouts, please visit my blog -

Thank you for reading my post and have a great weekend! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Swathi's little one!

Hope you this week's feature. Please visit Anupama at and show your love.



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