Monday, June 25, 2012

Back again !!

Hello Friends !! I hope all of you still remember me... this post is not a crafty just a random post to say hi !!!

Things are absolutely crazy in my part of the world and I am just trying to cope up with the pace of the events...

Firstly i want to share a happy news with you... I started selling online and my handmade products are now on ItsHandeMade and CraftsVilla and am really excited about that. Opening a store is something that I have never thought about but then... it just happened !!! I am at this stage all because of my blog and I owe a lot to it. Blogging has opened up whole new world of possibilities for me... I feel more confident now than I was a year back !!!

Secondly , the most important one... I lost my job !! yes I did and feel so bad about that... My employer wanted to see me fail in a particular task and I didn't want that to happen !! I did go and discuss but all that was of now use... I was just show the door.. I really feel so sad when ever I think of the whole incident.... after having worked for more than 3 years.... the management is least bothered to listen to me... that's sad !!!

I promise that I will be back to regular blogging once I resolve things at my end...

Till then happy crafting...



  1. Congratulations and looking for the next post!!!

  2. so sad you lost your job ,but happy for you for opening an online shop...went through your blog gr8 work...i know how exciting things can turn out once you start blogging...even i have seen myself growing on blog ever since i have started bloging in 2009.
    do visit my blog... would love to see you comment