Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More quilled flowers !!!

Friends how ru all doing ?? Things are really crazy in my world and I feel too lazy to sort them out :-( .... but still that doesn't keep me away from churning out new stuff :-) (Guess its the same with most of u too !!! )

I am badly bitten by the quilling bug so... be prepared to see more and more of quilling here !!!

This is a simple a very simple piece of work but love the way it turned out to be. This not a card or a bookmark... its just a piece of cardstock with a quilled pattern. I am making more of this sort so that I can quikly create a card or a Frame simply by using these readily available elements. ( Yes so do u smell something here ;-) .... keep watching this space for more information)

Now to the second project...

This is a semi-recycled Project. The base is invitation card. The green paper is the reverse of the envelope.... The quilling is done with strips of  origami paper. I was experimenting with different papers...as usual we dont get much supplies here in Vizag and I have to look for some locally available elements. I recently bought pack of Origami paper and wanted to use that for quilling. The paper is really good for folding and creasing and not cutting. It had rough edges after it was cut... i checked for the sharpness of my trimmer and my scissors... both seem to be fine...the paper has a lot of fibrous stuff in it... In reality it is looking as if I filed the edges....I am in a  way happy with the output...I have never experimented much with filing and txturing... this was a happy accident :-)

Hope you like my work. Do let me know what you think of them....



  1. These are awesome projects! You are very talented at quilling.:)

    P/s: You can link this project to Sonia's challenge since you posted this technically after my blog post based on the time stamp).

  2. Your quilling projects are so pretty. I love to paper craft and have been doing it for years but for whatever reason I still have never tried quilling!


  3. Swathi good recycling and fantastic quilling!!

    Do link up to Yvonne's challenge!