Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Create Crafts !!

I feel so blessed to today. Blogging gave me a chance to meet some of the most talented people, who are doing their wee bit to promote arts and crafts.

Today I am privileged to introduce Jayashree Nagrale of Lets Create Crafts(aka LCC), a fun loving creative person. I met through a common FB contact and in no time realized that we share a lot of common interests.

I mentioned to her about my blog and she immediately said that LCC wants to talk to you all. So over to LCC and lets see what she has to say.

Hello there!
Are you among the creative ones who like arts and crafts?
Or are you among the more creative ones who actually create arts and crafts and all such beautiful things?
Or are you among the super cool ones who want to learn and create creative stuff?
If so, please let me introduce myself.

My name is LetsCreateCrafts.  And I am a website! :)
Actually more than that.  I am a channel through which all the three categories of folks I mentioned above, can communicate, learn, teach and have fun.

I was created with one purpose - create a platform for arts and crafts, where it can grow, nurture and play. Where all creative folks out there can collaborate and have fun!

I was born in Hyderabad where most of the events are conducted currently, but we are always open to new places. The latest event was a workshop - a jewelry making workshop - and it was super awesome. The girls, completely beginners, made such awesome jewelry. Lots of talent and enthusiasm.

There are a few workshops that I put up, do register if you are interested in attending any of these.  I will send you an email regarding new workshops and events. Lots of fun stuff happening. Please do register.

Here is a pic of the recent workshop :

Finally, a few words from my mummy (aka. The founder of Lets Create Crafts)
"I started Lets Create Crafts(LCC) with one purpose - a place where people interested in arts and crafts can meet, share ideas, attend and give workshops and have fun. I want to make it a platform to promote crafts - which is so awesome but very rare these days. Most of the women either know crafts or want to learn it.. but don't know where to start. I want LCC to be that starting point. - Jayasri"

Hope to see ya all there. Let the fun beign.

Thanks a ton Swathi for inviting me to write on your blog. God bless. :)

-Lets Create Crafts


  1. Thanks for the post Swathi.
    Hello All. This is Jayasri from LCC. The sign up feature, for some reason, doesn't seem to work today. If you are interested in LCC, please 'like' the facebook page and I'll keep you posted about all the latest events.
    Thanks again. Here is the link for fb:

  2. WOW Wish I was in Hyderabad!!

    Cheers from Bangalore, India

  3. Thats such a nice initiative.. all the best!!


  4. WOW.. WOW!! The workshop looks super impressive!!