Monday, January 9, 2012

{Guest Post} Prishth

Today's Guest Post is by Anumeha Fatehpuria of Prishth

Wow! What better way to start the year than talk about, write about and get involved in some craft!

When Swathi invited me to, write on her blog, I was excited; not only about sharing my own experiences, but also at the possibility of connecting with many like minded (and not so like minded) people who have an interest in anything creative. I'd like to thank her for this lovely opportunity from my heart and also commend her for the wonderful space she has created, very generously on her blog for fellow crafters.

prishth started to take shape as an expression of my creative side through colors of and on paper, while I was studying to build skills and pick up tools to express my thoughts through words on paper at my Journalism school.
prishth was founded in 2004, officially, after several attempts at making things with precious junk; empty bottles, bits of stolen wood, cans, bubble wrap and of course lots and lots of paper. prishth comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘page or paper’. It is also an expression of the beauty that I see around me; beauty that comes from the Earth and will go back into Earth itself. prishth is like the soul; it never dies, it only changes form.

Products at
prishth come alive by using many materials, some of them being recycled. I would check my waste paper bin every evening after my studio floor had been swept, as I was always sure to find tiny bits of colored paper, thin wires and wood shavings that would come in use… and they do! The products at prishth are a mix of design and choice of material. It helps to make sure that one keeps a fine balance between the two, deciding which takes preference over the other depending on the need of the product.

As a designer, I find inspiration in just about everything! Love is one of those inspirations and the driving force behind what is made here. Passion and the hunger to learn what you don’t know and practice what you do, is another inspiring factor.

I am a teacher, a writer, a cook and a business person, and I’m also very lucky to have found
prishth as it adds to my joy like all the other things I do. I have an absolute blast with my students, I go through some serious moments when I write, I love to cook and present my food well, and business is a large part of who I am. prishth however, gives me a mix of all those emotions and also brings me my peace.

Success is a very broad term and each person can have their own definition for the same. I however, feel that success is divided into two parts; tiny milestones and the big picture. Here I’d like to refer to Van Gogh’s Starry Night which is one of my favourites. There, each stroke, each star is what made the big picture a very starry and beautiful night.

To all the beautiful and itching-to-create minds I would like to say, they must never allow themselves to believe that they have learnt it all and that it’s enough. We have no idea what kinds of gorgeous pieces of art are being created all over the world.

Also look, learn and look again at what everyone around you is creating because you never know what might touch your heart and make you run home, pull out your supplies and start creating your very own version of that.

A little tip; you don’t need a hundred different expensive tools to do this or that and without which you can’t make what you really feel like making. Invent, create, execute your own tools and enjoy!

Following are some of Prishth's hand crafted products

Products from prishth are available online, at Do visit and take a look at all that’s available. Along with products that a readily available to buy, prishth also personalizes designs according to the customer’s requirements. I also participate in exhibitions, so do write to me at is you would like to stay tuned in

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  1. Very well written and beautifully photographed!

  2. Very nicely said Anumeha :). I love the look of your stuff, wishing you much success!

  3. Love your work. Full of life and color.

  4. Very nicely you have penned down your thoughts!!! Agree..Nice write up Anumeha..lovely pics of your products too

  5. Loved the envelops and I agree completely that one doesn't need expensive tools to be creative :)