Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blooms + Candy Alert !!

Hello All,

My third post for the day. Gosh !! I am totally addicted to blogger.

My house is in full bloom now , You find these lovely paper flowers all over my craft nook.I am working on a new project(more details later !!! ) which needs some flowers and since these are really easy to make I decided to make many and keep a good stock of them. One of my ardent admirers (read my mother) asked for some, for using as gift toppers, so I whipped a whole batch of them.

Here are some for your viewing pleasure (if at all it is one !!)

The petals are simple circles cut with gold coloured hand made paper. Leaves and buttons are from stash.

Some how I over looked a Candy offered by Kalindi Sharma of  Crafting Aberrigines. She is an amazing crafter and is gifted with wonderful writing skills. I adore her for her awesome sense of humour and her wacky  style.

She is offering a Candy on the event of her Blogoversary.

This candy comes with a clause. We have to create an embellishment to show our unconditional love.Am not too sure if my work qualifies. But still linking it across to try my luck

Crafting Aberrigines: Embellishments

Hope you like these.

PS: I mentioned above that I overlooked this candy alert and after going there to link my work I noticed that I was the first one to wish her on her blogoversary. He he he !! My awful memory !! God please save me !!! I guess this is also an obvious out come of sleeplessness.



  1. SUch lovely texture on the flowers and the button looks good

  2. Hello my lady :)
    Please check your mail ..
    Thank you for the entry..
    i know i am hopelessly late but its all because of few usual daily tragedies :P
    do vote ..
    all the best :)