Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Dream Space on FB as Papers and More!!!

Yes you heard that right... we are on FB !!! Get a quick glimpse of my work on FB come back and read the story behind it here, at leisure!!


I started blogging seriously, in August 2011, only because ICR made it mandatory !! I say seriously because I have been in blog land since  June, 2006 but have never paid much attention to it.This might come as a surprise to most you... but that's true!!! I once had a blog where I shared some of my crafts and other thoughts, but left it hanging in there !! Days months and years passed... life became too monotonous to handle and then the need for de-stressing myself brought me back to blogging. ICR and FB have been of immense help. I met some wonderful people, learnt about new trends and techniques and have become a part of some of most wonderful communities. A one time de-stress activity is now something more than an obsession !!

A lot of friends suggested that its time that I take my passion for craft to the next level.So, as a humble attempt, I have decided to open a page on FB.Believe me never ever, not even in my wildest dreams I had imagined of owing a Page of my own !! But, it is reality today because of  your love and support.

My Page badge is on my side bar, do take time and visit my page and let me know your feedback. It helps me a lot to improvise.

Thanks in advance,


  1. That sounds interesting liked ur page and will be waiting for ur feeds..check me out also!/Ingeniousmrs

  2. Thank you for participating in the shareaway.

    I would like you to become a member of the blog.

    Thank you
    Kukies Basket